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    Titanium alloy Engine Components

    Precision Machined titanium alloy Parts related automotive engine: such as Ti-6Al-4V alloy intake valves, Spring and Retainer, Wrist pins, Dowels, gear wheel…

    Our specialty is the forging and machining of titanium alloys for the high performance engine and aerospace industries.

    TIPRO supplies Titanium alloy Engine Components includes Titanium Exhaust / Intake valves, Valve locks and guides, Spring retainers, and wrist pins for automotive engine of Formula 1 racing and Motorcycle. Especially Ti-6Al-4V Retainers, these titanium Components retainers are single point CNC machined from Ti-6AL4V aerospace grade titanium and weight out to a mere 7.3 grams.

    Titanium Exhaust / Intake valves

    TIPRO is one of the few ISO 9002 certified manufacturers in the world that produces high performance titanium valves.

    TIPRO titanium alloys valves are composed of exhaust and intake valves in engine components . Because Ti valves weigh 1/3 less than their stainless steel counterparts, these valves offer extra valve spring life and insurance against valve float and subsequent engine damage. Intake valve material offers high impact strength and high tensile strength with lightweight construction. Exhaust valve material offers high temperature resistance, impact strength and light weight construction. TIPRO common material is Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5, ASTM B 348).

    These valves are made from one-piece construction forgings, not a head welded to a stem, which produces grain flow in the material that increases the tensile strength and fatigue resistance of the finished part, then machined in precision CNC turning centers and center less ground to hold exacting tolerances.



    Titanium Valve Spring Retainers

    The lighter your valve train components, the quicker the engine will rev. Titanium retainers are 40% lighter than steel with the same or more strength. All TIPRO titanium retainers are made from premium and super strong quality aerospace grade titanium alloy bar stock (Grade 5 or Grade 9) that is precisely machined on our own automated equipment. Each retainer is carefully quality control inspected for precision and accuracy.

    These retainers are available in the popular 7° / 10° design, for strength and ultra lightweight. Locks are sold separately.

    A B C D
      Double Spring          
    0.5 1.55 1.25 0.925 0.63   10°/7°
    0.5 1.55 1.35 1.125 0.73   10°/7°
    0.5 1.55 1.5 1.12 0.73   10°/7°
    0.5 1.55 1.5 1.135 0.81   10°/7°
    0.5 1.55 1.5 1.14 0.74   10°/7°
    0.5 1.55 1.5 1.16 0.70   10°/7°
    0.5 1.625 1.5 1.19 0.865   10°/7°

        Triple Spring          
    0.5 1.55 1.5 1.055 0.76 0.63 10°/7°
    0.5 1.625 1.5 1.180 0.87 0.635 10°/7°

    Titanium alloy wrist pins

    Ti-6Al-4V wrist pins offer a 40% weight savings over steel materials of comparable strength. Lower reciprocating mass of titanium wrist pins reduces piston wear and rod stretch while increasing engine smoothness resulting in peak engine performance.

    TIPRO wrist pins Machined in precision CNC turning centers and center less ground to hold exacting tolerances and precise concentricity. With polishing results in high gloss (Ra0.4 - Ra0.8) finish.

    TIPRO Assure you consistent performance quality with every wrist pin you receive.

    Diameter Length. Wall Weight
    .927 2.050 .210 97 grams.
    .927 2.500 .205 98 grams.
    .927 2.500 .210 102 grams.
    .927 2.900 .165 85 grams.